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Submitted on
December 12, 2011


Greetings! There is a uprising in aktivity in this group now which is great.

If you want to join then please leave a comment and say your interest =)
Since the auto message that displays when you push "join this group" falsely says that it is closed, you will have to comment and be invited until a way is found to change the settings.

But be asured, the group is not supposed to be closed! So for now, just comment and say you want to join. & Watch it too :p


2nd Topic: It has been thought about to change the group folders into other categories.  Instead of each title existing it will be depending on...:

wether it's a 3D or First Person game...
Or 2.
Genre (FPS, RPG, Action, Platform, Puzzle, Sandbox)
... i forgot :P suggest ^^

As is.

Feel free to change the tide of fate by commenting and say how the folder layout should be. Anyhow it will turn out good. :) And maybe it already is and we'll just keep it ^^

Also if we keep it... If you do not see a title in the library that you have photos from then say so. For example Bioshock is not with.. Would be amazing to see some good Model photos from there..

(Since it is First Person... As you know photos for this group do not fokus on nature but on a model creature of some kind with good background aswell. (All to lift up the glory of the model) That background kan of course be nature or just darkness or what-ever. As long as it's stunning. So no story telling photos. The text literature would be to furthermore lift up the model. The photos are not for supporting the literature! ^^)


Journal Entry Summary;

join this group (komment and receive invite for now). i am glad to see the uprising interest here in recent days. Keep it coming! ^^ :D

You kan join wether you submit or not! But i think everyone are looking forward to seeing others art featured here and not just Founders.
Also litterature about the photo, to some extent is suitable for this groups agenda & spirit so don't get discouraged / uncertain. We love story to the model photos aswell! Helps bring the mood in moodel =)


If you want to spread & share this group around then it is spelled like this (a little tricky i know) "VirtuAi-Moodels"  So don't forget the s at the end, the two oo and not o (Mood not Mod), the Ai instead of al or the "-". Other than that it's just like writing "Virtual Models" =P
Now for the spreading & sharing part, just write : DevVirtuAi-Moodels : , without the colons so it becomes like this VirtuAi-Moodels or : iconVirtuAi-Moodels : , (without the 2 spaces) for = :iconvirtuai-moodels:
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